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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is famous for trekking. The beautiful place is has exotic natural locations as well as it is a historic site. Rajmachi can be reached via the town of Lonavla along the Khandala plateau. Lonavla is an important train station on the Indian rail network. It is most convenient to start the trekking from the morning itself at around 11am. 

Map of Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi fort map

Rajmachi fort map

Near Kalbhairavnath Temple, there is some space that can be used as a campsite. Those who do not want to stay outside can stay inside the temple. There is a tank, which is 100m away on a path to the left of the temple, water is available here. One has to cook his own food or buy some village-made food of Bhakri and Chutney. Once the trekkers reach the fort, one will realize that the climb was really meaningful. 

Opposite to Kalbhairavnath Temple, there is another fort called Shreevardhan. The fort has lots of secret tunnels leading to battlements. There is a place called Manranjan behind the temple that gives one a nice view of the plains. Trekkers who want to explore the area can go the base of Manranjan where there are some simple rock-cut caves. Return route is easier to follow; still trekkers are to be careful while getting down from the steep slopes.

The residents of udhewadi village will accommodate you for night if you wish to stay

Best Time 
 June to March

Where to Stay
udhewadi village 

Where to Eat
Carry your own food

There are two ways to reach Rajmachi fort

1) From Karjat <--> Kondane Caves  <--> Rajmachi Village <--> Rajmachi Fort

Karjat to Rajmachi village - 8-9 km 
5 hr time taken for trek from Karjat to Rajmachi village - (including time spent in Kondane caves, numerous waterfalls)
Guide recommended if going for the first time as the trek is through dense forest and quite confusing

2) From Lonavala
    Climb down to Tungarli hills from lonavala and then walk. 


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