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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kohoj Fort

Kohoj is located about 104 km from Mumbai off the Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway. Upon reaching Manor you have to take a right turn under a newly built flyover and take the Manor - Wada road

Brief Introduction about Kohoj 

Fort: -

Height: ~ 3200 feet
Grade:  Medium
Time: ~ Maximum 2.5 hrs from Waghote, Base Village
Location: Palghar region


Very few of the historical evidences are coherent to this fort. Looking at its well-dug cisterns, the fort can be said to be belonging to Bhoj-period. But no such evidences are available. In 16th century, Portuguese captured this fort from the King of Gujarat. They constructed fortifications and bastions on this fort. Later, in 18th century, Peshwe conquered this fort in their campaign of 1737. Afterwards the fort remained under the British rule.

How to reach :
There are many way to reach Kohoj fort

1)  From Kalyan bus depot one has to reach Wada. 
      From here we can alight in a bus going towards Palghar or Manor 
     and board at Vaghote village. 
     One can also hire six-seater rickshaws from Wada. 
     Now keeping the fort on our right hand side we have to walk down the foot-track. 
     After a 5 minutes of walk we have to take a right turn. 
     Few minutes of further walk takes us to a beautiful dam wherein 
     we get a wonderful reflection of the fort. 
     On crossing this dam actual climb of the fort begins. 
     There is a complete U traverse to get to the fort-top. 
     About 2 hours are required from Vaghote village to climb up the fort.

2) From Thane bus stop --> catch manor bus and get down at  Vaghote village.
3) From palghar  --> catch manor bus and get down at  Vaghote village.